Short Essay on Cytoplasm in Trypanosome



The cytoplasm is not differentiating into ectoplasm and endoplasm. Cytoplasm includes a number of cytoplasamic organelles.

A reservoir is present surrounding the basal body. A long mitochondria is present extending the entire length of the cell. It has tubular cristae. Near the basal body of the flagellum, the mitochondrion encloses a kinetoplast having a double standard DNA helix. The golgi body is situated midway between the basal body. The cytoplasm contains rough endoplasmic reticulum and numerous retractable greenish valutine granules containing stored glycogen and phosphate.


Shape and Sze:

It is a microscopic; fragellated protozoan 10 to 40 micro long and 2.50 and 10 micro broad. It s body is leaf-like, fusiform and cylinderical. Anteriond is pointed and posterior end is blunt. T. Gambiense occurs in two forms. The Trypanosome form is found both in the vertebrate host and the invertebrate host while the crithidiul form is limited to the invenrtebrate host while the crithuiul from is limited to the invertebrate host only. An intermediate from, which is short and stumpy, is also present in the vertebrate blood.

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