Short Biography of cricketer Vijay Hazare


Of the best batsmen of Pre-Independence cricketing era was Vijay Hazare. He was born on March 11, 1915 at Sangli in Maharashtra. He amassed a career first class average of 58.19 over 32 years of cricket, including 5 7 centuries.

Vijay Hazare made his Test debut at Lord’s against England in 1946. In 1947-48, he made two centuries in the 4th Test against Australia, the first Indian to do so. His technique was based on a very solid defence, and his power of concentration. He was the master of playing square cut. He played his last Test at Kingston in 1952-53 series against the West Indies.

Vijay Hazare, a small man, effectively used his arm’s strength and his wrist. As a captain, he had moderate success. He drew the home series against England but miserably lost against the West Indies.


After that he played for another 13 years, but never was included in the Indian Test team. His record in the domestic Indian cricket was phenomenal with two triple centuries. His Test record as a batsman is still in top five highest averages.

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