How is man regarded as a thinking animal ?


Whenever we experience or see in our life, we try to put them in a particular order so as to comprehend a wider meaning. Why do we do this? It is because we want to arrive the truth. When it is a question of getting to know about the truth of external world around us, we can apply sudden procedures. But understanding of inner world of the self is still more difficult. Who am I and where have I come from? To answer this you can name your parents, place of birth and so on.

But that is not all. You have to go far back time, say, 100 millions years back. At that time man as a creature did not exist on this planet. Did man come from the heaven or another planet? Man evolved from the animals already living on this planet. We will steady this aspect of the descent of man.

You would not perhaps appreciate somebody calling you an animal. But the fact remains that we are animals! Man is just one of the 10,00,000 varieties of animals living on the earth. We can compare ourselves with a large number of animals and we can be assured of listing a number of similarities and differences. But in many respects man as an animal is unique. Structurally man is fully erect. He has a double curved back bone. He has a prominent chin and walking feet.


The rate of embryonic development has slowed down. Man has a longer period of childhood and maturity. Man can evade predators. He knows how to withstand extreme environments. He can grow and obtain an extraordinary amount of food with which he can support a huge population. There are two distinctive features in this body which enable him to become so distinctive. One of them is his well developed brain and the other one is his ability to move the fingers of hand and feet, particularly those of hands ion which he can bring his thumb close to any other finger. In the course of evaluation, the ability enables him to handle tools.

His brain allowed him to develop language. With which he could communicate with others effectively. Man can conceptualized and embark upon an idea. Man can think about the future. Man through of living behind something so that future generations could benefit from his endeavor. He developed the ability to write and pass on information and knowledge and mankind benefited from this. Rapid progression of thoughts and ideas further stimulated the human brain which accelerates his own evaluation. Man became social.

He started developing social framework. This led to the development of civilization and culture. The ability of man to use the environment to his advantage is unsurpassed. These are the attributes of the animal man which set him apart from the other animals.

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