What are the functions of Parathyroid and Thymus Gland ?


The functions of Parathyroid and Thymus Gland are:-

1. Parathyroid Gland:

These are small glands in two pairs. They are buried in the thyroid gland on its dorsal-posterior part. This gland secretes parathormone which serves to increase the blood calcium by taking the latter out of the bone. Mobilization of calcium and its proper amount in the blood is essential for muscular activities and other functions such as blood clotting.

2. Thymus Gland:

This gland can be seen in the new-born child, close to the heart. It gradually becomes smaller with advancing years and in the adult it is atrophied (degenerated or lost). Thymus gland secretes thymosin and produces lymphocytes known as T-lymphocytes. The latter produce antibodies.

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