What is the difference between Dicot Stem Anatomy and Monocot Stem Anatomy?


Dicot Stem Anatomy:

1. In dicot stem the epidermal multicellular stem hairs are present.

2. Hypodermis present or absent; if present it is collenchymatous.


3. Cortex is well differentiated.

4. Endodermis and pericycle layers are present.

4. Vascular bundles are arranged in a ring, they are conjoint, collateral, open and endarch.

6. Pith is distinct and centrally located.


Monocot Stem Anatomy:

1. Usually stem hair are absent.

2. Hypodermic generally present and it is sclerenchymatous.

3. No cortex, the entire tissue below hyperdermis is ground tissue.


4. No endodermis of pericylce.

5. Vascular bundles are scattered in the ground tissue. they are conjoint, collateral and closed.

6. Pith is not differentiated.

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