Following are some of the reasons to study biology –

1. To understand ourselves – Biology has made aware of the structure and functions of man’s own body organs and systems by acquiring knowledge in this field from the study of other animals.

2. To Provide Comfortable Living – It has provided improved food, comforts and luxury by requiring knowledge about the beneficial plants and animals.

3. To fulfill our Needs – Biology has led to discovery and development of new and better varieties of crops and solved the increasing food problem for increasing human population.


4. Eradication of Diseases – Biology has helped in discovering causes and methods of eradication of disease causing germs, animals or plants for the betterment of human race.

5. Medicines – Biology has helped us to discover and manufacture medicines for treating various diseases in man and also in domesticated animals and cultivated plants.

6. Conservation of Natural Resources – It tells us to conserve our natural resources – forests and wild animals for maintaining equilibrium in the environment and for conserving ecological balance. It helps in understanding the causes of floods, oil erosion, and drought and to devise ways of controlling them.

7. Adaptive Modifications – It has led to the study of influence of environment on the organisms by studying external morphology, anatomy of plants and animals and then tracing their correlation with their habit and habitual.


8. Interrelationship of Plants, Animals and Environment – Biology helps to understand the intricate relationship that exists among organisms in an ecosystem and interdependence between plants and animals.

9. Responsibility Towards Maintenance of Balance in Ecosystem – Biology helps us to understand that human race is only a small part of the living system of the planet and that is inseparable from the living system. It reminds us of our role and responsibility to protect our physical and biological environment.

10. Environmental Hazards – Biology has made us aware of the environmental hazard caused by our activities such as excessive use co pesticides and fertilizers, indiscriminate cutting of forests, discharges of pollutants in air and water and the unmindful wastage of our natural resources.

11. Biology enhances our faculty of appreciation of the beauty of rich and varied animals and plant-life.


It makes us aware that natural objects are gifted with beauty at its best. Nature presents beautiful range of colours in butterflies, birds and flowers depicts varied forms and patterns of shells and corals; gigantic trees, wonderful creepers and thorny cacti etc.