Short Biography of Yogiraj Lahiri Mahasaya


Yogiraj Lahiri Mahasaya was born on Sept. 30, 1828 in a village called Ghurni in Bengal. He learnt Sanskrit, Bengali, French and English. He was the expounder of dvaita, vishistadvaita and advaita theories.

His guru was Mahavir Babaji. He was called to Ranikhet by his guru. In his previous incarnation Lahiri Mahashya used to do Sadhana in the caves of Ranikhet. He was initiated by his guru in Kriyayoga.

While remaining completely unattached to the worldly things, he served the humanity by propagating and teaching kriyayoga to the deserving people.


He was a great exponent of Bhagvat Gita and often recited passages from book to illustrate particular points. He died on September 26, 1895.

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