Short biography of Venkata-I (A.D. 1542)


Achyuta was succeeded by his son Venkata I. The power was, however, concentrated in the hands of his maternal uncle Salakaraju, the younger.

The latter killed all the claimants to the throne including Venkata and assumed full royal powers. Only Sadasiva, son of Ranga who had hid himself in the fort of Gutti escaped.

As soon as Salakaraju heard about the plans of Rama Raya and his brothers to dethrone him, he invited Ibrahim Adil Shah and placed him on the throne of Vijayanagar for seven days. This was too much for the nobles of Vijayanagar to tolerate.


But they acted cleverly, offered full support to Salakaraju and requested him to send away Adil Shah which he did after paying him a suitable compensation.

Rama Raya and his supporters now marched into Vijayanagar, killed the usurper and placed Sadasiva on the throne in 1543.

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