Short Biography of Raj Manchanda – the renowned Indian squash player


Raj Manchanda, the renowned Indian squash player, acquired the names of ‘Old Fox’ and ‘The Major’ by playing fantastically in various international tournaments.

Raj Manchanda was born on August 5, 1945 at Abohar in Ferozepur, Punjab. As a child, he excelled himself in both academics and sports. He was awarded the President’s Gold Medal at the Rashtriya Indian Millitary College in Dehradun. Not only this, he got gold medal by acquiring top position in the Indian Military Academy examination.

His name spread throughout India in 1965 when he won the Service tide in Squash and then ended up as a runner-up in the National squash Competition. After that he won the silver medal in the 1984 Asian Championship at Karachi.


His most memorable performance was in the Asian championship held at Jordan in 1954 where he won the bronze medal. Raj Manchanda, a Brigadier in the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Corps of the Indian army, received the Arjuna Award in 1979-80.

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