Short Biography of Pritam Siwach (Indian women’s hockey player)


Pritam Siwach, the Dhanraj Pillai of Indian women’s hockey, is one of the oldest players of the Indian team. However, her talent and cleverness make her more like David Beckham.

Pritam Siwach is a highly effective forward who uses devastating bursts of speed to outwit the most formidable defenders of other international teams. She made her debut way back in 1988. But her tussle with the federation saw her missing the Olympic qualifiers in 2000.

But authorities were pressurised to recall her in the national squad to play at the Commonwealth Games. She showed her real class in the Commonwealth Games, when the team was under high pressure. Pritam was instrumental in winning vital penalty corners during the Games.


After 14 years of her career, she is thinking about retirement. She says, “I want, after retirement, to cook for my family and stay at home.” Certainly, she will be missed by not only Indian fans but by the hockey lovers all over the world.

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