Short Biography of Prakash Padukone (father of Deepika Padukone)


Prakash Padukone is India’s most celebrated badminton player. He nained national badminton champion for nine consecutive years from 70 -1978. He also won the Badminton Grand Slam by winning three Igor international badminton tournaments in 1980.

He was born on June 10, 1955 Bangalore in the state of intake .There was no dearth of talent right from the childhood in him. I did his graduation from his native town Bangalore.

His natural instinct becomes a champion materialized at the age of 14 when he won the optional Junior Badminton Championship. In the next year he became: national champion.


He secured his greatest achievement when he defeated great player m Swiking in the All England Championship in 1980. In the 7th Asian James at Teheran (1974), Padukone won the bronze medal and the gold the Commonwealth Games. In 1972, the Indian Government gave him: Arjuna Award in recognition of his achievements.

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