Peter Drucker (1909)

Peter Drucker, the modern management giant has broken the records of previous management experts in writing books and making contributions to the science of management. Koontz described him, ‘as the greatest management philosopher and writer of our time’.

Drucker was born in Vienna and moved to USA in 1937 and settled there on. He taught management at New York University from 1950 to 1972. His works include 15 popular books on management and number of research papers. His major contributions are:

1. Management as an institution


2. Four dimensions of the manager’s job

3. Five basic operations of management

4. Universality of management

5. Management by objectives


6. Organizations keep areas of performance

7. Organizations Responsibility of employees

8. Organizations social responsibilities

9. Service of multi nations


10. Structure of an organization

11. Interdependence of organization