Short Biography of Kunjarani Devi – greatest women weightlifters of the world


Kunjarani Devi is one of the greatest women weightlifters of the world. Kunjarani was born in Manipur. By sheer hard work and determination she has raised high in the sporting field.

Kunjarani Devi has already won 3 gold, 31 silver and 12 bronze medals in international competitions. She has been rated by the International Weightlifting Federation as one of the top 100 greats of all time.

In the Indian National Championship she has won 23 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. In the Asian Games, she has also put up an impressive performance. In the Asian Games 1990, she won the Bronze Medal and later in the 1994 Asian Games, she repeated her feat by clinching another bronze medal.


Her performance in the World Championship was also good. She has won 19 silver and 1 bronze in the Championship. In 1998, Kunjarani clinched the gold medal in the women’s 48-kg. Category in the weightlifting event of the 17th Commonwealth

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