Short biography of Aurangzeb


In 1657 AD, emperor Shahjahan fell ill and war of succession started. Aurangzeb emerged victorious. He was twice coroneted- once in July 1658 AD immediately after his occupation of Agra and second in June 1659 AD at the Fort of Shahjahan in Delhi.

The name of his mother was Mumtaz Mahal. He was born on 31 July, 1618 AD at a place near Ujjain. He was married to Diltras Bano Begam on 18th May, 1637 AD.

He was an orthodox Sunni Muslim. He did not follow the policy of religious toleration as set by Akbar. The Rajputs revolted against him which proved very harmful for him. He ruled for 50 years. His reign was divided into two equal periods of about 25 years. From 1658- 1681 AD, during this time he concentrated in north India. During this period Shaista Khan, the governor of Bengal captured the island of Sandip in the bay of Bengal. During Aurangzeb’s reign Marathas had become very powerful under Shivaji. Aurangzeb set out for the Deccan in 1682 AD and spent 25 years of his life there. He conquered many Deccan states.


He died in 1707 AD and was buried near Daulatabad.

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