Sonia Gandhi is truly one of the most popular Indian women, who, with amazing grace anointed as the queen of sacrifice. The way by which she declined the post of the Prime Minister of India, has proved her to be a true Indian. She, in the course, became the firstever person to decline the post of the PM, and amazed the whole world. As an astute politician, she claims she was always clear in her mind that she would not accept the post of Prime Minister even if it came her way.

Born at the small town of Orbassano, near Turin, Italy in 1946, Sonia Maino was sent to Cambridge, U.K. to study English where in 1965; she met Rajiv Gandhi which resulted in their marriage. It gave her the honour of becoming a part of a great Indian family. Now they started leading a happy life, away from politics.

Rajiv was an Indian Airlines pilot, and politics remained limited to his mother Indira, and younger brother Sanjay. After the death of Sanjay Rajiv joined Indian politics. Yet Sonia was at the back of it. The circumstances made Rajiv the Prime Minister of India after Indira.

Sonia helped Rajiv in his job. Later in 1989 elections, Rajiv was voted out. During the next election campaigns in 1991, he was tying to make a comeback at Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, when he was killed so tragically on May 21, 1991. It was really a great shock to the family.


Sonia had to start a new chapter of her life, a life without Rajiv. She preferred to remain an Indian. She remained outside Congress politics till 1998. However, gradually, after 2 years of Congress primary membership, she was elected the Congress president in 1998. Her record as congress president in the last six years is a saga of success on one hand, and tension on the other.

Not being part of the factional and personality strifes in the party, she was able to function as a catalyst to unite the party. She led the party to electoral victories in many states. However, she could regain people’s confidence over her party.

And finally her party was in position to form govt, at the centre and she was to become the Prime Minister. But she declined this highest parliamentary post. It symbolises her sense of sacrifice.

For a long time she had the image of a sphinx, cold, aloof and clueless to tackle India and Indianness. She was just the lady who would stand beside the funeral pyres of her beloved ones. But her slow and steady rise has won the race and proved her to be a highly matured lady without any self for the whole society.


Sonia Gandhi has mesmerised the people of India first by keeping herself and her family out of the political scenario, after the death of Rajiv Gandhi. But very wisely and cleverly she entered the political arena. She earned the sympathy of Indian mass and very slowly brought the Congress Party to power. She idolized herself by declining the premier post of the Prime Minister of India. In a single swipe she brushed all issues of the opposition aside. Now there was no issue against her, which could actively work against her.

After getting a full strong hold on the party and the country she brought herself and her daughter and then to her son to the limelight. In the meantime she again beat the opposition by resigning from her membership of the Parliament. It was jut at the question of enjoying the post of profit. She again contested from her seat Rae Bareli and was declared a winner with a record vote. It proves her miraculous impact on people.

She established her image in a perfect manner and dignity. Now people talk of her sacrifices. She is growing popular and strong. She has secured her future and also of her family. It appears, no doubt, that she will rule India automatically in the coming future.