What is the Price of Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 in India?


The latest price of Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 in India is Rs. 1, 40,000/-

Royal EnfieldĀ bikes are the best choice of the bike tourists and now Royal Enfield has made them more powerful bike to cover all the uneven hilly roads and long distances.

The new Thunderbird merges standard charisma with modern tech in an excellent manner.


The Thunderbird has an engine that is fuel injected 500cc UCE with 27.2PS of power at 5250rpm. Along with the bigger engine, the Thunderbird has Bybre 280mm front and 240mm rear disc brake. The rear disc brake enhances the safety of the heavy weight bike.

Due to the re-positioning of foot rest the rider gets a better riding position. The side-seat seat is individually fixed, that can be removed to make room for extra stuff. The Thunderbird 500 has got bungee hooks to tie down the bags and make long distance trips more safe and sound.

The bike dashboard sports speedometer, tachometer and a fuel gauge with two digital trip meters. The Thunderbird has an LED tail lamp and the headlight have a 55w projector lamp for the low and 55w halogen for the high beams .The fuel tank is 20 liters which enables the riders to go longer distances without the hazard of refueling all the time. The bike includes 41mm forks in front and an oval section swingarm at the rear to enhance its handling.

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