Along with men the mind set of women is much more towards the’ Patriarchal thinking’. People say its in the urban area’s uneducated men hit women, abuse them, female foeticide goes on..Etc…Etc that’s wrong!

Women including me are part of the so-called civilized society, in which our action or deeds are sectionized into right or wrong. When one deed done by human beings of the same society but different genders, the meaning and perspective are different…why is that? As someone has said you shouldn’t question the society because it’s like a giant monster.

But is it fair that the giant monster always think like a man? I don’t think this is only the case of two people in a relationship. Brothers  hitting sisters, Fathers hitting Daughters and more to the concern the so called Sadhachara police in Kerala hitting women when found in suspicious situations. Why their first step is hitting? Can’t they inquire before they get into action?


I never understood when men say that they hit their loved ones because they have the right to do? Under which circumstances they feel that what they do is love? Sad part is that women know that there is Domestic violence Act in which no matter what protection is available for her in all ways. But still she thinks and advices to her girl child “to adjust” how biased that sounds? Adjust to imperfections, Adjust to culture but not to Violence.

Women should speak out their opinions when it comes to their children. They need to be strong and grounded and never confine themselves to their own world so that the people around them don’t feel insecure.

Illness of the society can be put to an end through the change in YOU! Raise your sons to treat his sisters, wife, and friends with respect because what you taught will finally reach to you. Teach your daughters to be strong and secure not crying goats and slaves no matter what!!…because once the mould to the existence of a new life is beautifully made then everything will change.



Remya Reghunath Pillai