Why is Agni Project important for India?


Agni project put India in the group of five developed countries as the one who have developed such missiles. Agni is a ballistic missile indigenously developed by India. Agni was first test-fired at the Chandipur test range of Andhra Pradesh coast in May-1989. This successful test proved India’s capacity and technical expertise. Although the Agni project is aimed only at testing and demonstrating ballistic missile a catalogues, it has capacity of carrying one tonne of warhead.

It is a medium range missile with of 1500 to 2000 km. This missile put India into an advanced stage of technology. It evaluated re-entry technology, accuracy of the guidance system and experimental urability of a solid-liquid mix- propulsion; it is capable of re-entering the atmosphere. It has carbon composite shield which can withstand the stock and high temperature while re-entering the atmosphere.

Agni the second Intermediate range Ballastic Missile (IRBM) was again test-fired in May, 1992 and third in January 1994.


Aim of India is always peaceful development but the changing world scenario on the defence field made it necessary for India to be well equipped and well developed in defence technology and equipments. This missile has not only put India into a safe circle of security but also increase its weight in international politics. Moreover, this project have been proved helpful in maintaining balance of power equations in the south Asian block, Its all critical components are built up indigenously and has only 5 to 6 percent import contents (by value).

One more remarkable feature of this missile is that it uses strap – down inertial navigation system.

It has explicit guidance scheme with a high speed computer onboard.

Agni has not only technologically, scientifically and in the fields of security but also in international politics, put. India on a noticeable platform.

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