Who discovered the Mehrgarh civilization? What is the importance of it? – Answered


The geographical location of Mehrgarh is at Baluchistan in present Pakistan.The Mehrgarh civilization was discovered by a team of French archaeologists under the leadership of J.F. Jarriage.

The discovery of the Mehrgarh civilization is an important event ii tie growth of civilization in the Indian subcontinent. (1) The discovery of Mehrgarh civilization has pushed the beginning of civilization in Indian subcontinent to 7000/ 6000 BC.

(2) Another importance of the discovery of the Mehrgarh civilization is that it has proved beyond doubt that the civilization was an indigenous one without any foreign influence.


(3) The discovery of Mehrgarh has also proved that the Harappan civilization was not something that is meteoric-the Harappan civilization was the matured urban form of the Mehrgarh civilization.

(4) The importance of Mehrgarh lies in the fact that it has given a connected history of civilization in the Indian subcontinent from the stage when men were mere hunters.

(5) The importance of the Mehrgarh civilization also lies in the fact: that the people of Mehrgarh started as hunters and ended up as agriculturists.

Then in the Harappan period the people had the experience of full-fledged urbanization.

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