Which materials should be used for Facing of the Walls?


The material used in the face of the wall is important one. An exterior wall may have facing for the following purposes –

(i) Extra protection against weather.

(ii) Decorative effect.


Facing May Be Of:

(i) Sand and Cement (Rendering) – It can be applied to give either a smooth or textured finish.

A smooth face is liable to develop streaky marks when rain water runs down from the edge of window sills and other projections. It is reasonable and durable However during the initial drying out minute cracks will develop Water can penetrate in these cracks. If cracking occurs,

(i) Cut away and replace the defective area.


(ii) Cover the area with a coloureless waterproof solution.

(ii) Silicon based solution -When brick work has to be comporours. Silicon based solution can be painted on the surface of the brick work.

(iii) Vertical hanging tiles can be used as facing – They are attractive efficient but costly.

(iv) Glazed faience (Tile with glazed surface) – Bright colour and resistance to sea, air, and atmospheric pollution. Self cleaning during rainfall.

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