Virtual reality is a technique related to computer which represents virtual thought in real images. It creates 3D environment which appears highly realistic to the user and responds to the users natural motions in realistic ways. They effect on the audio-visual nerves to create real imaginations Instead of a screen it generally uses a head-mounted display to present the virtual world to the user while, shutting out environmental directions.

In military training virtual reality is used to pioneer the user for training of crews and even individual soldiers in the field. Modern computer saves, civil engineering, genetic engineering etc. use this technique to create realistic images. Mental treatment and pilot training are imparted through the virtual reality.

For various experiences. It is a boom to handicaps. In entertainments, it is getting wider network. This technique allows surgeons to perform their operations. This helps in remote conferencing and creating more realistic and satisfactory interaction for participants. In education and training, where costly equipments are required, virtual reality is an alternative.