What is the role of technology in shaping our present way of life?


That technology plays an increasingly dominant role in shaping our present way of life in following ways-

(i) Technological and scientific advance has conferred great benefits on man; it has also create for him many problems.

(ii) The increasing and constant improvement of machines has raised tremendously the productivity of labour, that is, output per man-hour. .


(iii) Technological advances have improved conditions of life for the average man in at least two other ways also. First, it has given him more leisure. Second, it has greatly improved the quality of many goods which he buys.

(iv)Modern technology has brought into existence quite a number of jobs that require specialised skill and knowledge.

(v) Modern technology has in many ways accelerated the tempo of human life.

(vi)By destroying the domestic system of production modern industrialisation has radically changed the family organization.


(vii) Technology has affected man’s ideas, attitudes, beliefs, and philosophies.

(viii) The government has also been affected by technology.

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