What is the Robotics?


Robotics is the science and technology related to robots, their design, manufacture, and application.

A robot is a kind of machine programmed to carry out a series of operations without human guidance. They are only computerized levers equipped to do a particular simple task over and over. The king of work they can do makes them more important.

Robots have also multivarious application. They can do dangerous works or with stand dangerous conditions which human being much prefer to avoid, Robots can work in space, in mines, under-water, deal with explosive radioactive materials, poisonous chemicals, pathogenic bacteria, extreme temperatures, pressures, heights and so on. Industrial application of robots is favoured because of their untiring nature, predictability, precision, reliability and ability to work in hostile environment.


Besides this, robot frequently increase productivity, improve overall product quality, allow replacement of human labour in monotonous and in hazardous tasks. Computer controlled robots are used in industry for welding assembling and to handle various materials. Non- industrial applications of bionomics, farm work, helping the disabled, lab work, mining, nuclear work, security guarding, ware house, microsurgery etc. Recently, the scientists have developed a polymorphic robot, which can
change its shape according to the job.

This development has immense potential, as the capacity of shape shifting could be used in futuristic rescue missions or planetary explorations because they could change their shapes to meet new challenges and could adapt to unpredictable environments. A company named ‘Robot Trix’ has developed two prototypes for the US military nick named Gladiator and Spike. These are also possibility in future soon soldier taking lead could robot in wartime.

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