Iron is a very important nutrient. The adult human body con­tains 3 to 4 grams of iron Of this 50 to 70 per cent is present in hemoglobin of blood. F-ach gram of hemoglobin contains 3 to 3.4


1. It is necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin.

2. It is required for brain development and muscle activity.


3. It is needed for the regulation of body temperature.

4. It has a central function in oxygen transport and call respiration.


Iron is present in liver, meat, kidney, fish, cereals, green leafy vegetables, legumes, jaggery and date fruits.



Deficiency of iron leads to anemia. Also iron defi­ciency leads to impaired immunity and decreased resistance to infection.


The recommended intake of iron is 15 to 30 mg per day.