Family Planning refers to enlarging the size of the family up to a limit in accordance! With the size of income of a family. The small size will improve the standard of living’ of the family. Thus, it implies to have children by choice not by chance, by design and not by accident. In simple words, acceptance of small family norm and of less number of children is the thrust of family planning programme.

What is the importance of Family Planning in India?


Family planning programme is beneficial not only to individual but also to the whole society. The main advantages of the programme are as under:

1. Benefit to the Children:


The slow growth of population due to family planning programme will be beneficial for the children. A fall in birth rate will reduce immediately! The number of children. This instrument reduces the number of dependents on the working people. This will create an environment where in children will be better looked after, better fed and better cared for.

2. Benefit to the Parents:

The family planning has favourable effect on the health of the parents. With less number of children, they will be able to raise the standard of living of the family. Thus Family Planning is necessary for better health, long, happy and prosperous life of the mother. The Family Planning will also result in better upkeep and education of the children.

3. Benefit to the Society:


The family planning is beneficial both for the individual and the society. Since the family planning will result in improving the standard of living of the citizens, the quality of human factor will improve and the society becomes better.

4. Benefit to the Nation:

The family planning is necessary for the welfare of the whole nation. The family planning will ultimately result in the economic development of the country. As a consequence of a reduction in the population growth, there will be rise in the per capita income.

The addition to the per capita income can be a source of additional saving and therefore of capital formation. Over a period of time, the reduction in the population growth will favourably affect the supply of labour, in the sense that the increase in the rate of labour supply will be cut down. In such a situation the phenomena of unemployment will automatically disappear.