The objectives of introducing the school complex will be fulfilled, only when the organization functions successfully. For its successful functioning, the members of the committee, the District Educational Officer and the Inspector of schools mainly should be in touch with each school complex and as far as possible, should help in making the system more elastic and dynamic.

If the system is to function effectively and successfully adequate powers and responsibilities will have to be delegated to the complex. They include the following:

(i) The school complex should be authorized to modify, within prescribed limits and subject to the approval of the District Education Officer, the usual prescribed curricula and syllabus.

(ii) It is very difficult to provide leave substitutes for teachers in primary schools, because the size of each school is so small that no leave reserve teacher can be appointed. Il is more difficult in case of single teacher schools, where if the teacher is on leave, the school has to remain closed. The function of the school complex is lo attach one or two leave reserve teachers to the central secondary school and they can be sent to schools within the complex as and when the need arises.


(iii) The Headmasters of the schools within the complex should prepare a plan of the work in detail for the ensuring academic year.

(iv) The Headmasters should meet together and decide on broad principles of development in the light of which each individual school can plan its own programme.

(v) The complex should arrange periodical meetings of all the teachers in the complex, at least once a mouth, where discussions on school problems could be had.

(vi) The in-services-education of the teachers can be arranged during the vacations. Here short special courses can be organised for groups of teachers.


(vii) The central high school can maintain a circulating library from which books could be sent out to schools in the neighborhood.

(viii) The services of the special teachers, like the teachers for physical education for art can be utilised for all the schools of the complex.

(ix) The services of B.D.O., the Tahasildar, The Medical Officer, the S.I. of schools and other officers of the locality can be effectively used for planning and executing the scheme of school complex.

(x) The headmasters and teachers of high schools of the complex should visit the higher primary schools in the neighborhood at least once in a month and some lower primary schools in the same manner.