Future of democracy hangs in the balance. It is standing on cross roads, leading to people’s democracy and capitalist dictatorship.

Capitalism during its period of expansion brought about democracy in the world and the same system during the period of its decline in bringing about dictatorship. The 20th century capitalism is completely entrenched from all sides. It is meeting crises and collapses. The working classes are economically hard pressed. They are coming in the political arena with full vigour and force.

They are asserting themselves on democratic grounds. Thus class struggle is sharpening day by day. The working class is striving to set up people’s democracy with a socialist economy and the capitalists arc retaliating by establishing their own dictatorship as happened in Germany, Italy and Japan before World War II.

In some countries the workers have been successful whereas in others, capitalists have gained the upper hand. In Eastern European countries, for example, the working classes have emerged victorious with the result that socialist democracies have been established there.


All gross inequalities of wealth have been removed and the path has been paved for the growth of true democracy. In other countries struggle is still going on and the triumph of democracy would soon be unfurling its flag over all parts of the world. For instance, USSR is now converting its democratic social­ism in a more democratized broad-based pattern.