What is ozone hole and how is it caused and what are its implications for life on Earth?


Ozone is a blanket of protective layer existing in lower stratosphere largely, which protects biospheric ecosystem from harmful solar radiation. Hole in this ozone is called ozone hole. This is evident in Antarctica and other parts above earth surface.

This is caused by environmental pollution and chemical reaction of some of the pollutants especially chloroform carbons (CFCs) and halogen gases like bromine and chlorine. These chemicals react with molecules of 03 in complex reactions and convert ozone into other chemicals, hence destroying the layer of ozone and causing ozone holes.

Ozone layer is a protective cover over the earth which helps in many ways but ozone holes exposes the earth for many harmful effects.


Ultra-violate rays can now penetrate directly to the earth, which would filtered by ozone layer and cause harmful effects to animals. They damage cells and can cause skin cancer. Also, they reduce the rate of photosynthesis in plants. They raise temperature of the earth causing global warming to increase the level of sea and at last culminate in ecology imbalances.

The dangerous effect of ozone holes have made people worried for their solutions and prevention.

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