What is meaning of the term socialist used in the preamble of the constitution of India?


The term Socialist has been inserted in the Constitution of India by 42nd Amendment Act, 1976. Even prior to this amendment the idea was implicit in the constitution, in the form of directive principles of state policy and in the words of Preamble, ‘Justice social, economic and political’ as well as ‘Equality- of status and opportunity.’ General meaning of socialism implies the control of state over the means of production.

In the context of Indian constitution, we can say our move is for democratic socialism and not for provided communistic socialism. Insertion of this word does not imply any commitment to a particular economic order.

Our constitution appears more committed to the object or outcome of socialism i.e. justice social economic and political, there may be different ways or means to realise these objectives. This way may be different or some time contrary to the classical and conventional concept and ideals of socialism. However all these means must nourish the guarantee for a system free from all kinds of exploitation.

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