It is a network of network or it is a link of diverse computers.

In simple terms, internet means that millions of computers are linked at the global level. It helps in forming a gigantic data base. It symbolizes borderless technology as it help in bringing people from all over the world closer without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, sex etc, It also manifest consumerism in information as it is a multi-facility system which can be used for education business and entertainment purposes . It can help in increasing global business potential enormously.

The Internet, however, was intimidating arena till now and its gates were only open to those who had mastered computer commands. But with the introduction of World Wide Web in 1989, there is no need to master the computer command. On this web, anyone can create a home page, which millions of users can watch on their computers. In fact, web is a hypermedia information storage system linking resources around the world.

Nowadays importance of internet has increased to such an extent that, it penetrates every walk of human life. Marketing in a global village” is now a reality due to internet. Few years back, it was just a medium for exchange for academic information and was used mostly by academicians and commerce. But today all sorts of transactions and business deals are being conducted on net.


On-line banks are being set up to serve clients through the net and a wide range of services such as net deposits, loans, transfer of funds etc. are being offered through the internet. Publishers and also using the net to serve a portion of the magazine to individual customers.

On live travel agencies are also providing the latest and update of flight timing, hotel vacancies, reservations in train etc to their customers.