It is a short range wireless based information transmission system in which signals are transmitted within a short range of 10m at a speed of 1mbps at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

This enables wireless based connection in between fixed devices such as computer and home appliances, mobile devices such as laptop, mobile phone and Internet. Bluetooth technology works on the basis of a microchip embedded in the digital devices.

These chip acts as transmitters which not only transmits but also receive information signals at a given frequency. Bluetooth ensures synchronicity between fix and mobile digital device which facilitates a smooth and fast voice and video data transmission. The Bluetooth technology which is a short range wireless technology, developed by the collaboration of mobile phones and IT companies, such as Nokia, Intel, Toshiba, Erickson and IBM. Bluetooth is also a free technology and it is provided by the mobile phone operators who are having the capability of GSM and CDMA technology.

Every Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones, laptops digital cameras, video games have built in microchip. There are many advantages of Bluetooth technology such as-


(i) It is being used to transfer the files from the mobile phones to the computers.

(ii) It can also be used in a meeting if someone wants to share the digital business cards among the participant, this could be helpful in the transfer of the files.

(iii) Bluetooth technology also provided support for the VOIP.

(iv) A typical Bluetooth device consists of RS transceiver, protocol stocks and base bands and it does not require installing the drivers to use the Bluetooth technology and it can connect all the office peripheral such as computer with printer, computer with scanner and computer with laptop.


(v) Among the other advantages of the Bluetooth technology is the automatic synchronization of the desktops, mobile phones and other Bluetooth held devices. The most commonly use of Bluetooth is in the cars, mobile phones, personal computer, laptops, headsets, access points, car kits, speaker phone, digital camera etc.

(vi) By the use of this technology, mobile data can be used in different applications.

(vii) Bluetooth’s small microchip can be built in the devices and it can be used as the external adopters and used for the different network communication devices.

(viii) Bluetooth enabled devices can change their frequency very rapidly so they can be saved from external interference.


(ix) If the two wireless devices follow the Bluetooth standards they can communicate with each other without any external devices or wires.

(x) Bluetooth enabled keyboard can be placed at a some distance farther away from the monitor reducing the exposure of electron magnetic radiation and reducing eye strain.

(xi) Video image can be easily exchanged in between digital cameras, computers, mobile phones etc. Internet surfing has also become possible through Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Bluetooth enabled phone can also be used to operate TV, music system and other e-gadgets.

(xii) It can also be used to raise burglar alarm. Therefore, Bluetooth technology envisages a mobile information society.