What is Bioinformatics and how does the Biotechnology Information Network System functions?


Bioinformatics is setting a new pace for biotechnology research by reducing the lead time for various process involved in the chain of biotechnology developments like assignment of the gene protein function, locating of the similar gene sequences in different organisms, selection of the drug targets, online testing of the potential drug targets and so on. The growth of bioinformatics has accelerated due to advancements in biology and new technologies that produce huge data sets genome sequence projects.

The bioinformatics uses algorithms and computation intensive techniques. Biologists are how using almost every new technical development which is taking place in Bioinformatics and its applications are being made to solve complex biological problems leading to advancement in healthcare and crop improvement systems to facilitate overall growth and improvement in economic development.

However, the Biotechnology Information Network system consists of an apex center at the Department of Biotechnology head-quarters, New Delhi which is linked with 63 Bioinformatics centers. These centers have responsibility of data collection, collotion, creation and data dissemination centers of the network which can be accessed through the individual website of the BTIS net centers.


In addition to the dissemination or exchange of in house developed data bases and technology packages in a well secured manner, many sites of widely used public domain data bases are also hosted in the network. Human resource development has been recognized as an important area for effective sustenance of the bioinformatics activities. Towards meeting the needs for trained Bioinformatics professionals, long term courses are being run as part of this network in several reputed universities and institutions.

Many National facilities on interactive graphics are dedicated to the promotion of molecular modeling and drug discovery activities. The BTIS centers have also developed several useful databases on various aspects of Biotechnology. The BTIS net centers are well equipped with state of art computer and communication facilities and the centers are using high and servers for database development, website creation etc.

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