In the spectrum of waves, microwave requires position before infrared waves. These waves are useful as source of energy with nearly a hundred Gija hertz frequency they are hot rays and can be used to produce heat.

Waves can produced their effect without touch of any physical matter. Microwave oven is a type of food cooker device. This oven prepares food by the effect electro-magnetic rays of the microwave range.

The microwaves are produced electrically and concentrated in a pack box, in which at the centre position, food to be cooked is located. The device can cook every type of food with very high energy equal to about 2.5 GHz frequency. This high energy quickly cooks the food.

The modern technique of microwave oven provides many other facilities like system of rotating disk base so that equal amount of energy can be given to whole food, automatic system of on-off etc. This has been very popular nowadays due to its benefit and facilities in cooking food.