The present world of ours is passing through a very critical stage. The world is full of strife and hunger. Psychology of war is working in full swing. In less than a generation world witnessed two devastating wars. Now the local conflicts at times could turn into global wars engulfing the entire human race. The entire human civilization then faces a constant fear of extinction.

The loss of life and devastation of property caused by the two wars is an eye-opener for the warring nations. The clamour for peace alone can save them from destruction ahead. An effective world order is the only escape. Such an order can only be established by organizing the world on such principles as can guarantee mutual good-will and co-operation rather than national jealousies and bickering.

It is a dream of the world where international disputes are settled by peaceful methods. Such a world order implies universal brotherhood of men and nations. It can best be established on the theory of co-existence and principle of “live and let live”. All the nation-states of the World would have to shed off their ideas of absolute sovereignty in internal and external affairs, only then we can hope of international peace and harmony.

Panch Sheel or the Five Principles of Co-existence :


The five principles of co-existence as given below could become sine-qua-non of International peace and order. Nations after nations have subscribed to these principles and accepted them as a part of the national and international policy. These are as follows :

1. Each country should respect the territorial integrity and sover­eignty of others.

2. No country should attack any other country and should have faith in policy of note -aggression.

3. No one should try to interfere in the internal affairs of others.


4. All the countries shall strive for mutual benefit.

5. Every country should try to follow the policy of peaceful co­existence. If the world community accepts these principles in to there could be genuine hope of world peace.