What do you understand by space industry cooperation?


The space industry cooperation involves transfer of advanced technological development by ISRO to industry and provision of technological consultancy from space programme to industry on the one hand and utilization of industry’s own technological potential and expertise by the space programme on the other.

The technology transfer scheme promotes and supports commercialization of technologies developed by ISRO for application in various fields. This co operational scheme has following advantages.

(i) This scheme enables the meeting requirements of space programmes and projects through buyback of products produced by industry as a result of technology transfer


(ii) Serving rapidly expanding space applications market in India generated by space programme in satellite communications, television and radio broadcasting, meteorological services and natural resources survey and management.

(iii) Exploiting full potential of indigenous technologies developed by ISRO for multiple applications. Now certain premier industries in the field of aeronautics, communications and engineering have set up their own specialized departments to deal with space products.

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