What do you understand by information technology?


Information Technology is the use of computers and telecommunication for the processing and distribution of information in digital audio-video and other forms.

It is primarily concerned with acquisition, storage, processing and organisation of data and disseminating this organized and processed data for use by people and organisation. In reality, information technology is constituted of two components – hardware and software. Hardware implies the physical aspect of information technology and software are programmes which are necessary for proper functioning of computers and travelling of data.

The information technology which enabled computers and telecommunication to converge has revolutionized the working environments throughout the world. Today, information technology is a meta-resource and computers are being used as meta tools (which creates tools) and a met medium ( a medium which creates media). Capabilities for sharing information, knowledge and experience without physical proximity through computer networks have enhanced the perceptual, conceptual and physical understanding of the world as a whole. India is also undergoing a major social and economic revolution through new information processing technology of communication and computers. This revolution is not confined to the area of science and technology, but it is also bringing about dramatic changes in the way Indian people live, work and even think.


The Indian IT- enabled Business Services (IT – BPG) has demonstrated superiority, cost advantage and fundamentally powered value proposition IT industries. Indian companies are expanding their services offerings. Enabling customers to deepen their offshore engagements. The global software product giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP etc. have established their captive development centers in India. The Indian software and services export growth has also increased immensely. The IT-BPO sector has got the status of one of the bigger employment generator amongst young college graduates.

The number of professional employability in IT sector is also increasing. In addition, the increased attractiveness of India as an investment destination in IT has led to the reversal of the brain drain. The people of Indian origin who went to pursue careers abroad are now attracted to work in India.

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