What are the various steps taken by Indian government for energy security?


The main features of energy policy of the governments are exploitation of domestic conventional energy sources, intensification of exploration to achieve indigenous production of oil and gas, management of demand of oil and forms of energy, optimization of utilization of existing capability in the country.

However, the major steps energy security taken by the governments are:-

(i) Strategic shift towards Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas:


The natural gas and Liquefied Natural Gas has emerged as the new frontier for energy supply in India. The government has taken steps for the expansion of gas supply sources and distribution of infrastructure.

(ii) Power Sector Reforms:

The government has seriously undertaken the reforms aiming at up gradation of transmission and distribution system and also improves the aggregate technical and commercial losses. For this government has taken a number of steps such as enactment of Electricity Act, 2003, Establishments of Appellate Tribunal for Electricity in 2004, Notification of National Electricity Policy in 2005 and the constitution of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission and State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

(iii) Adoption of alternative Sources of Energy:


Alternate sources of energy like solar, wind, tidal geothermal etc. have been adopted and the technology for efficiently harnessing these is being developed.

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