Carbohydrates are the fuel to the body and provide energy for the muscular movements. Sugar and fat are the elements of this particular constituent and are composed of:

(a) Carbon (b) Hydrogen (c) Oxygen



The constituents of food get digested quickly and provide heat energy for the movement of the muscles. These are available in the following things –

Sugar can be found in fruits, honey and things that produce sugar.

Glucose is an essential element of sugar. It is absorbed in the body through insulin, which is nothing, but a Hormone generally produced by ‘Pancreas‘. This is very much needed for small children, especially during the period of teething and their growth. But this should be given in a reasonable manner.

Sugarcane, beet, glucose, provide a good deal of sugar, lactose and jams, other fruits and honey also provide sugar.



Starch is available to our body through the following things: 1.Rice, 2.Wheat, 3.Potatoes, 4.Maize, 5.Barley, 6.Oat, 7.Glycogen, and 8.Arrow root.

Deficiency of carbohydrates can lead to abnormal digestive system and excess of carbohydrates may lead to diabetes.