What are the steps required for Curriculum Development?


The steps in curriculum development have been discussed previously and will not be repeated here. However, a few ideas about the role of the supervisor appear to be in order.

Supervisors in most public schools carry the burden of program planning and curriculum development. This is appropriate, for the improvement of the teaching-learning is their primary’ function. The coordination of programs among the various teachers and schools in the system is also important.

Supervisors must keep themselves and the teachers fully informed about the curricular requirements of the state departments of education and any other governmental agencies that are concerned.


Societal trends, educational philosophies, and theories about child growth and development are changing so rapidly that it requires time and expertise to keep up with current thinking relevant to this area.

With the emphasis on flexible scheduling and the individualizing and conducting a program become increasingly complex. Nevertheless supervisors must make every effort to keep abreast of new curricular materials, new equipment, new methods of instruction, and new resource materials.

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