What are the Requirements for an Ideal Protected Area?


The basic aim of all conservation efforts is to protect and conserve the biotic spectrum present on our planet for the benefit of the present and future generations of mankind.

Today an overpopulated world, with its population still growing, is faced with the dilemma that expanding human enterprise could swallow the entire wilderness at some point of time in near future. This could result in the destruction of the vital life support system on our planet. However, it is difficult to stop the expansion of human enterprise. What we can do at best is to mark out biologically significant localities on this planet and play sincere attention for their maintenance and conservation. These biologically significant areas should:

1. Should include representative sample of the biotic spectrum of the locality.


2. Should be capable of sustaining viable populations of all the constituent species within the system.

3. Should be able to allow free play of natural agencies, such as fire, drought, floods, pathogens, insects and pests etc. which make an organism grow, adopt to the prevailing conditions of environment and evolve into a better adopted life form, so that the process of natural selection and evolution may continue uninterruptedly.

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