What are the Qualities of a Good Questionnaire or Schedule?


To draft a questionnaire or schedule is an art. The success of statistical investigation depends on proper drafting of the questionnaire. It is a highly specialized job and following points should be borne in mind:

1. Brief and Limited Questionnaire:

The number of questions in a schedule should be brief and limited as possible. Only relevant questions to the problem under investigation should be added.


2. Simple and Clear:

The questions should be simple, clear and precise. Its language should be very simple so that informants may easily understand.

3. Unambiguous Questions”:

All unambiguous questions should be avoided at all, complicated and long-worded questions irritate the respondents which results in careless; replies.


4. No Personal Questions:

No personal question should be asked from, respondents. Such questions should be avoided.

5. Use of Proper Words:

Questions should be framed with right words. This ensures the validity.


6. Avoidance of Calculations:

Questions should not be based on calculations. Only those questions should be asked which the respondents may reply immediately. Moreover, questions should avoid memories.

7. Only Objective Questions:

The questions should be objective. It should be based on opinions of the individuals.


8. Sequence of the Questions:

The arrangement of the questions should be such so that no question may slip back. It must involve a logical flow of questions.

9. Pre-testing:

Before sending the questionnaire to the respondents, it must be properly tested.


10. Instructions:

Precise and simple instructions of filling the questionnaire should be added in the foot note.

11. Cross Examination:

The questionnaire should be set in such a way that there may be cross examination of the information supplied by the informants. In fact, it is a check on false or inaccurate answers.

12. Secret Information:

Every respondent should be ensured that information given by them shall be kept secret.

13. Attractive Questionnaire:

Proper care should be taken to make the questionnaire attractive. A well set questionnaire will certainly impress the recipient.

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