What are the problems faced in Indian Railways?

Although the development of railways in our country took place rapidly, still there are numberless problems in the path of steady growth. The main problems are stated as under:

1. Old Track and Poor State of Rolling Stock.

The major problem faced by Indian railways is that the tracks are old and outdated. These old tracks cause many serious railway accidents. This has also resulted in speed restrictions. Virtually, every new timetable, running time of all trains has been increased while railways in other advanced countries are reducing it drastically.


2. Travel without Tickets:

Another problem that is being faced in India is that a large number of passengers travel without purchasing tickets. Indian railways have to bear extra loss of about Rs. 5 crore every year on account of traveling without tickets.

3. Railway Accidents:

The incidence of railway accidents in our country is greater as compared to other countries of the world. Accidents occur due to the errors and negligence of the employees.


4. Attack on Railways:

The Indian railways had to suffer a heavy loss of crores of rupees. The railways are attacked during the time of disturbances and violence’s that arise in any part of the country. For instance, there was heavy loss of railways in the movements of West Bengal, Telengana and Assam etc.

5. Lack of Modern Management:

There is a lack of modern management as railway failed to attract adequate incentives and suitable talent. In addition to it, it could not make economic analysis for perspective planning tariff.


6. Outmoded Technology:

The rolling stock technology is absolutely outmoded. The system is beset with excessive man-power and manpower development has not kept pace with technology up gradation. This has made railways incapable of coping with increasing transport demand and of raising and improving the traffic volume and flows at lower unit cost of operation.

7. Problem of Replacement:

The problem of replacement of old and obsolete railways engines, wagons and other equipment has created a serious problem in India.


8. Problem of Laying Double Lines:

Most of the railway lines are single lines which create great inconvenience to the railway organization and passengers.

9. Inadequate Investment:

The railway transport has lagged behind the requirement due to inadequate investment. The shortcoming has been highlighted by different committees, The National Transport Policy Committee, The Rail Tariff Enquiry Committee and The Railway Reforms Committee.


10. Competition with Road Transport:

The competition with road transport is growing in intensity, both in passenger and in goods transport. The lack of coordination between railways and road transport has lowered the earning capacity of the railways. This has further caused delay in traffic movement and inconvenience to passengers.