What are the Merits and demerits of Written Constitution?



1. Definite and Precise:

A written constitution is well defined and precise. The functions of different organs of the government are clearly demarcated. Hence there is less possibility of misuse of powers.


2. Guarantee of Fundamental Rights:

A written constitution gives a definite guarantee regarding the rights of the people. A written constitution is thus a safeguard of individual liberty.

3. Essential in a Federation:

A written constitution is essential for a federation. A federal government presupposes the division of powers between the central government and the governments of the units. The division of powers is not possible in the absence of a written constitution.


Demerits of Written Constitution:

1. Rigidity:

A written constitution is rigid and inelastic. It does not allow full scope for growth and development. It is not adaptable to the changing social and economic conditions.

2. Prone to Revolution:


A country with a written constitution is liable to face political upheavals because of the rigidity of its constitutional framework.

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