What are the main Objectives of Fire Safety?


(i) Protection of property: Exposure protect compartment. Cancelling spaces, structural protection.

Protection of life, dead end limits 10.7 M.

Travel limit to exit unsprinkled 30.5 M. on sprinkled 45.7m.


(ii) Continuity of operation.

(iii) Structure component undergo thermal degradation leading to catastrophic failure i.e. collapse of walls, floors, ceilings.

Fire spread 1100% in first 4 minutes. Ceiling temperature 80″ F. After 60 seconds, ceiling temperature 135″ F. After 120 seconds 350″ F. ceiling tempera­ture, floor temperature 115″ F. After 180 seconds ceiling temperature 775″ F. floor temperature 225″ F. After 240 seconds ceiling temperature 1000″ F to 1500″ F.

The visible and facility elements of fire can cause burns dehydration. Heat exhaustion and fluid locking of the reciprocating tract but they are responsible for 1/4 of the deaths caused by thermal products, smoke & gases.

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