Office work differs from enterprise to enterprise. However, there are certain activities, which are performed by all the offices. Some of these activities are listed below:

1. Handling incoming and outgoing mail.

2. Developing office systems, procedures and methods.

3. Maintenance of records (filing and indexing)


4. Establishing standard at office work.

5. Designing and procuring at office forms, stationery etc.

6. Recruitment and training of office staff.

7. Maintenance of furniture, machines, appliances etc.


8. Preparation of statements, reports etc.

9. Maintaining of accounts and other financial records.

10. Handling telephone calls and enquiries.

11. Preparing up to date information for the whole firm.


12. Arranging the data in a quickly accessible form for use.

13. Safeguarding the assets.

14. Keeping a prompt and accurate handling of enquiries orders etc.

15. Maintaining efficient flow of work in the office.