What are the fundamental Principles of First Aid?


1. Remove the cause of injury or the patient from the cause as early as possible. Further help may be rendered thereafter to avoid any further injury.

2. Stop bleeding immediately lest loss of excess blood aggravates the condition further.

3. Ensure free air supply to the patient and see that there is no obstruction to the air passage. If breathing has stopped, give artificial respiration. Any delay in this regard may cause irreparable damage to the brain. Don’t let people crowd around. If one is deft and skilful, people will respect you and listen to what you say.


4. Keep patient warm by wrapping him with whatever you have – coat, rugs, blankets, sheets, etc.

5. Loosen patient’s clothes to make him feel comfortable and to help you administer aid. Remove clothes only when essential. While doing so, don’t cause any discomfort or jerks to the patient. Feel for the bones etc, softly and carefully.

6. Cover the open wound immediately with a clean sterilized dressing. Keep the injured limb in as much natural position as possible with splints, bandages, slings, etc.

7. Make arrangements to evacuate the patient to the hospital/nurs­ing home, or to a qualified doctor in the neighborhood. Remember, the first aider is NOT a doctor. His duty ends as soon as the regular medical aid is available.


8. Give maximum rest to the injured.

9. Take out the poison at once, if the case so warrants.

10. Save broken part from movement.

11. Give some warm tea, milk, cocoa, and bourn vita if the patient is in senses. It will give him some relief and strength.


12. Full knowledge of anatomy is a must.

13. Don’t act like a doctor; a doctor is a professional and can take responsibility which a first aider cannot.

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