What are the essential qualities of a First Aider?


The following are the qualities, which a trained first-aider, should possess:

1. Prompt and Quick:

As soon as an accident or injury takes place, the first aider should be prompt and quick, to render help to the victim, without delay.


2. Calm and Controlled:

He should be a calm and controlled sort of man because he has to take immediate action, without any fuss or panic.

3. Wise and Intelligent:

He should be intelligent and wise enough to decide the immediate treatment even before a complete diagnosis, especially in case of serious injuries and severe bleeding, etc.


4. Resourceful:

He should be resourceful enough to make available his first aid material at once or get the required things on the spot, for giving immediate relief to the victim.

5. Sweet Tempered and Sympathetic:

The first aider should use sweet and encouraging words to lessen the victim’s distress. He should keep the victim as comfortable as possible and should be able to allay the victim’s fears with sympathy.


6. Skilful and Tactful:

The first aider should be skilful and tactful to judge the symptoms and history of the case without wasting any time. If need be, he should be able to muster requisite support from the crowd.

7. Dextrous and Clever:

Should be able to help the injured without causing and/or aggravating pain, and to use the appliances and/or procedure efficiently and effectively.


8. Confidence and Perseverance:

The first aider should have full faith in his skill to administer whatever assistance the situation demands, even if there is no response initially. He should have perseverance and should not give up. It may take time for the patient to respond to his handling.

Remember, an efficient and resourceful first aider may be the link between life and death.

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