What are the essential Functions of Central Ministry of Education?


The central government works through the central ministry of educa­tion whose functions are:

1. The central ministry of education prepares educational plans for the whole country. It formulates broad based policy regarding education.

2. It provides finances to the difference central educational organiza­tions, the universities, the stale governments, private agencies. It gives grant of different types to the states (recurring as well as non-recurring), so that they may work well, to achieve the desired ends. Scholarships and stipends are also awarded by it to the brilliant students studying abroad.


3. Another duty of central ministry of education, is to appoint special commissions, advisory bodies.

4. It makes a provision of special fields of education, social educa­tion, education for the physically handicapped persons.

5. To give direction to the state governments is another important function of the central ministry of education. Standards of education are fixed up by it which are to be followed by the different states.

6. Material concerning nation-wide interests books, reports are published by it.


7. It works as a major coordinating agency for different activities of all educational agencies.

8. It maintains a record concerning education in the whole of the country.

9. It encourages research, Financial assistance in this regard is also provided by it. National Council of Educational Research & Training has been set up for this purpose.

10. It makes efforts for the revival of old culture of the country. Indian council for cultural relations has been set up for this purpose. Cultural programmes are organised and cultural teams are sent to the other countries. It helps in the revival of old culture and at the same time transmit culture to the other nations of the world.


11. It develops relations with UNESCO. Information about new experiments in the field of education is passed on to the higher authorities in the country. Exchange of students with the foreign countries also comes under its purview.

12. It helps in starting the various pilot projects in the field of education. A few examples under this scheme are:-

(a) Intensive educational development in some selected areas.

(b) Merit Scholarships in the public schools.


(c) Promoting research projects in the secondary schools.

(d) Training some experts in the field of A.V. Education.

(e) Production of suitable literature for children and adults.

(f) Promoting inter-stale understanding.


(g) Promoting Hindi in non-Hindi speaking areas.

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