1. The initial cost of a machine is high. An idle machine is a waste. This wastage is greater, if the machine is costly.

2. Adoption of certain machines will lead to unemployment.

3. If the operator, who works on the machine, is not an expert, then its result will be useless. In the same way, if he has been trained to operate it and if he is absent, the machine will lie idle and any substitution of hand will cause additional expenses. Thus there is an increase in cost.

4. Clerks can more easily be trained in new methods and systems. In case of machines for specialized jobs, if the systems are changed, it is difficult to make use of them in the new system.


5. Machines are subject to break-down and lie idle when electricity fails (if it is electrically operated).

6. Depreciation charges are high; this will reduce the profit.

7. Certain types of machines may become obsolete within a short span of time.