What are the advantages of optical fibres?


Optical fibres are hollow wires which contains silvery reflective surface inner side. The light is reflected and transmitted and through it messages, images and groups can be transmitted.

Through optical fibres, which are made of silica, high energy light is entered at one end and it is transmitted within the hollow thread to the other end.

The Principle of internal reflection is used. This technology is useful in medical treatment, communication and broad casting.


It is widely applied in medical Practices to observe internal parts of human body.

In Communication, telephones can be joined via optical fibres instead of copper or other metallic line. It converts the sound energy into the light energy and transmits it. It has large band width and high transmission potential. It is small in size i.e., diameters between 5 to 100 microns. It has less chances of cross talks, reliability and immunity to electrical interference.

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